Larry Reeves

Larry Reeves

Owner and Coach

Favorite WOD: DT and Grace


L1 L2 USAW L1 Scaling Course Spot the Flaw Judges Course

About Coach

Larry is a 27-year Army veteran, retired as a Colonel, with multiple combat deployments. Growing up, Larry was a multi-sport athlete and played football in college (not well) before being commissioned in the Army. Larry has learned that effort is free - it's just a point of putting in the work. Belonging to a team and being part of something special is a driving force in Larry's life as well as serving others in some capacity. CrossFit Liberate fulfills both of those for Larry. Living deliberately and being a good human are consistent goals Larry strives to achieve. Larry's wife Jen is also a retired Colonel (Air Force). Larry has two kids (grown) with 2 amazing grandkids that have him wrapped around their fingers. He's also the human to Jake the Dog, a 10 year old German Shepherd.

Turning Point

Dealing with PTSD is a constant fight. I am forever grateful my wife pushed me (hard) to seek help after years of just trying to "man up". While I continue to learn lessons in life, the one that sticks out the most to me is seeking help isn't a sign of weakness. We all need help to make it through life. Seeking help for the issues I was facing forced me to confront other issues and failures I'd buried deep. I'm still a work in progress!

Motivation & Passion

I grew up with parents who were both service-oriented (father - military, mom - special needs service) so it's ingrained in my DNA. I find great joy in helping an athlete learn a movement, achieve a new personal best, or to just grind through a WoD. Service to others enriches our own lives beyond measure. Coaching also forces me to continue to evolve as an athlete, as age and injuries cause you to learn different ways and methodologies to stay fit.