Leslie Gordon

Leslie Gordon


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L2 and CPR training

About Coach

I didn't play sports growing up, but I danced and did other performance activities.  In college, I started running, weightlifting, and Taekwondo.  I loved the weights and I earned my Black Belt!  I spent a lot of years doing some combination of running and weight training until I discovered CrossFit!  I saw the Games on TV and knew I had to find a place to learn those skills!  My coaching style is shaped by my personal experience; CF coaches helped me believe in my potential to show up, give it my best, and enjoy the growth.  I try to help athletes work efficiently so that they can progress, and to be proud of themselves at the end of each workout.

Turning Point

My biggest turning point is a recent one, starting Chapter 2 of Life! I recently made a major career shift, leaving a successful academic career to go into business for myself, something I have dreamed of for a decade!  Doing so meant stepping away from a defined path and overcoming perfectionism and fear of failure.  I have learned to draw from other moments in my life (CF included!) when I pushed beyond my comfort and succeeded.  I am grateful to family, friends, and my CFL community that have cheered me on so far!

Motivation & Passion

As a coach, both at CFL and in my business, I hope to help others go beyond what they think is possible. Even now I am rediscovering myself, professionally and athletically, and I use that perspective to help others.